Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winn-Dixie, not so winning

Dear Ones,
I had the yard man come over today to help with the flower beds by the back fence. It's cold today, the birdbath froze so I stayed outside for a little while. They pruned some shrubs back with a chain saw. Such a wonder to see fast work on the plants!

Later, I went into town. I ran several errands then on my way home stopped at the Winn-Dixie. I usually shop over by the Jitney but the W-D is right there on Pass Road. My! The prices are so high! The store is clean and stocked with fancy things like olive oil for $21. I don't buy that brand and don't need a big bottle. The young woman checker looked as sour as a lemon. When will these young people understand that their job as checkers, wait staff, fast food handlers are there for them to push the "goods"? Really, I felt that I was just one more intrusion on her day. I asked Miss Lemon, "how's your day going?" She said she was tired. Golly gee! Isn't everyone tired? Aren't most workers tired and not feeling very well? Someone needs to tell these young people to put something of themselves into their work instead of acting as if customers smell bad and want their phone number.

That someone was me. The manager, a young thing with a blank look in her eye, didn't understand me. I said someone should tell checkers to be friendly. She didn't get it.
I gave up. I won't at the Winn-Dixie unless it's an emergency. Every other grocery has friendly staff.

I'm making a pot roast with root vegetables for supper. The Guiden sisters, Wynn and Betsey, are coming tonight.

Aunt Bostick


  1. We used to have a WD in my hometown. When they closed the locally owned hardware store (where you can get everything from crab pots and shrimp nets to flip flops and lumber) moved in. It was a welcome change.

  2. I'm glad you spoke to the manager!

  3. It's important that we communicate with people in charge when we have these experiences. We are all responsible to hold each other accountable and thus contribute to people becoming all they can become IMHO