Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That Nice Young Preacher Lady

Rev. Sweetie surprised me with a visit yesterday. She came to find out when to plant the roses she's seen for sale at the Garden Shop. I told her to wait a few more weeks.

She looked at me seriously then said, "Aunt Bostick, do you have small scissors and tweezers?" Thinking she wanted to use them on the roses, I told her I had both. Before I could mention that you don't need small scissors and tweezers for early rose planting, she blurted out, "your eyebrows need trimming!" Then she blushed.

I love this girl. She's a Methodist and they speak up. I got her the scissors and tweezers and she put me in the good light of the kitchen window and trimmed my eyebrows! Then she started plucking my extra chin hair!

I can't count on the Kut 'n Kurl for anything but a sore noggin permanent. How kind of that young woman to take care the beauty issues I can't see!

She told me she did this for her grandmother and mom. She said she wants to know someone will do this for her when she's older.

As life goes on, hair gets confused and moves around the body. Usual hair thins out, confused hair blooms.

I know Rev. Sweetie likes me because she helps me with something I need done but can't do myself.

Love you all,
Aunt Bostick


  1. Go, Rev. Sweetie! My hairdo girl does the same for me...and for all her customers. She rocks.