Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Resolutions

I'm feeling connected to the larger world through this blog thing. I'm not discussing blogging with the bridge group or the flower ladies at the Church or even Maurice at the Cut n' Curl. This is my business and I don't want anyone to tell me what I can and cannot do at my age.

If you aren't limiting yourself, someone else will. We get stuck where other people put us and don't try new things.

New Year, new things could be my motto for 2009.

I'm not trying sky-diving or getting one of those pictures on my skin but I will do new things. Maybe I just won't talk about them to the people who think I'm stuck in Senior Citizen-ville wondering where I'll buy my next set of rubber caps for my cane. Walgreens or CVS?

My favorite New Year resolutions are: trust God and forgive more.

I have those every year, I don't quite get them accomplished. Thank God for new years and the breath to get through each day.

Reminds me somehow of what Annie Grace Lipton said to me when I was taking dancing lessons from Bubba Gross at the Quonset hut back in public school:

"Be pretty if you can, Cute if you must, but be nice if it kills you."

Behind all my resolutions, this one stands next to Trust God and Forgive More.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Beginning Blog Post

I'm beginning this blog during the last days of 2008.

I'd like to do this blogging exercise right. You young gals encourage me to try this new thing.

I'm feeling shy right now, tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Eve letter

Dear Niece,

I'm sitting at my kitchen table writing to you. Lila's dog, Champ, is on my lap. He's not happy (or safe!) anywhere else. I agreed to keep him while Lila and Hattie drove to Houston to see Dora. I'd forgotten Champ's troubles: incontinence, deaf, can't see and toothless. I'm grinding up his dog crunchies in that little food processor you gave me before the Storm. He's a sweet dog and I'm glad to keep him while the girls are gone but he reminds me how needy dogs and people can be.

Lila plans to drive back on Friday after going to the Houston After Christmas sales. I can't imagine that the sales will be any better after Christmas this year. Seems like the retailers are coupon crazy and slashing prices right and left. I bought less this year and made more. You showed me that "Buy Handmade" site of those young craft girls so I took this to heart. I made jelly, corn relish and decorated pine cones for the birds with peanut butter and sunflower seeds to give as gifts. I did some shopping at the Senior Center but only if the prices made sense. I'm not paying $7 for a kitchen towel with crochet on the top. My house looks like an old people's museum without adding to the atmosphere.

Did you see that news thing about Hallmark recalling snow globes? Seems the globes caught the light so well fires broke out. I read this and think you might have a good sermon illustration here. Something like, "snow globes focused light into fire and got recalled." People with great passion and ideas get recalled, too. Not everyone likes focus and passion. It's easier to just go along to get along. Not sure if this will help you. Did you use those Reader's Digest jokes I sent you?
Our pastor reads us "Life in These United States" when he can't think of anything for a sermon. Phew!

Champ just let loose on my lap. I'll say good-bye and love to you and your family.
Merry Christmas!

Aunt Bostick

P.S. Bridge Club got huffy with me again this week when I asked them what they thought of Rick Warren and President-Elect Obama. Every last one of them think Rick Warren is a big whopping liberal. I choked on my fruitcake when I heard that! Not a one of them knows how upset our GLBT friends and people of conscience are about the choice of Pastor Warren. I think Obama is doing his best to include everyone. He should have asked you to pray. No one knows you anyway. I doubt you'd offend too many.